September 12, 2018

How Your Snoring Affects the Person You’re Sleeping With

A lot of people snore, and it’s common for snorers to report that it bothers the people close to them. This is particularly true for spouses and sleep partners who share a bed with someone who snores loudly on a regular basis.

Snoring can put a great deal of stress on a relationship. Sleep mates frequently complain that they’re losing sleep due to their partner’s snoring and this leads to resentment and arguments.

The tension caused by snoring can damage intimacy in a relationship, turning the bedroom into a battleground.

How Snoring Impacts Your Sleep Partner’s Health

In addition to putting a strain on your relationship, snoring can also damage your partner’s health. That’s because getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your physical wellbeing. In fact, people who lose sleep on a regular basis due to their partner’s snoring can suffer from the same types of harmful consequences as people who have sleep apnea.

The daytime effects of sleep deprivation are significant. That’s why sleep partners of heavy snorers often feel tired, lethargic, or cranky during the day. Missing out on sleep makes them more susceptible to anxiety and depression as well as impaired memory and reduced intellectual function.

The medical risks of losing sleep are even more alarming. Sleeplessness leaves you more vulnerable to heart disease, strokes, weight gain, and diabetes. It can also diminish your libido.

Snoring Hurts Your Partner’s Quality of Life

Many times spouses or sleep mates don’t realize how much their partner’s snoring is affecting them until they spend some time apart. Some sleep doctors even recommend that partners take a “sleep vacation” by sleeping separately for a few weeks.

Sleep mates often discover that they feel a lot happier and healthier after spending some time sleeping apart. What’s more, studies indicate that after patients have received effective treatment for their snoring, “the spouses’ quality-of-life scores jumped significantly.”

Relief for People Who Snore

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