Are You an Early Bird or Night Owl?

We all know that seven to nine hours of sleep each night is best for adults to live a healthy lifestyle and function properly the next day. While the amount of time we sleep is essential for our well-being, some may not know that the time of day in which we sleep is also just as important.

Everyone has their own sleep schedule which can range from the early morning riser to the late-night owl. Whichever way you prefer to spend your time awake, you should be aware of how these two types of sleep patterns can affect your health.

Waking Up with the Sunwoman waking up early looking at the sun

There are a ton of people who prefer waking up early in the morning so they can enjoy their entire day. Aside from having the whole day to get things done, an early bird, also known as a lark, can also offer the mind and body great health benefits.

Living a Balanced Life

A 2008 study found that early risers actually perform better in school or at work due to being more productive, better planners, and optimistic. This can set up early birds for a much more successful life, which will also improve their happiness.

In fact, being an early bird can genuinely make a person happier and more positive in life. Those who go to bed earlier tend to be more social and well-balanced than night owls who prefer a quick rush.

Additionally, melatonin, which is the hormone that helps us sleep, is actually more frequently produced at night. You may notice that if you take a nap during the day you might wake up feeling a bit foggy and tired still. This is due to the last of melatonin being produced.

Attractive girl is spending time in front of her laptop at nightEnjoying The Night Life

Being on the other side of the spectrum, a night owl prefers being awake most of the nighttime and sleeping later into the day. Although there are some health benefits for night owls, it doesn’t quite meet those of an early bird.

A Quieter Life for the Night Owl

Being up all night has its own pros and cons. A night owl has been found to be quite intelligent, but are often more depressed. Studies have found depression to be very common amongst night owls because most of the world lives an early bird life. While they’re sleeping all day, the rest of us are getting through each day and when it’s time for bed, night owls are up all night.

Since night owls miss out on what’s happening during the day while most people are out and about, they struggle with most non-work activities such as going grocery shopping or meeting up with friends for coffee. If they’re up late nights because of their work schedule, it’s likely they become more isolated from their peers.

Improving Your Sleep Quality

Knowing your own body’s natural clock when it comes to your sleep schedule can help enhance your sleep. Understanding ways to make your nighttime slumber better can greatly boost your quality of life.

Sometimes it may be hard to determine why your body clock is off. If you’re one to snore or often wake up throughout the night, this can mean you’re not gaining a sufficient amount of sleep. A sleep test is a great way to find out how you can improve your sleep habits. Dr. Simmons can help guide you to the right diagnosis and offer various treatments that can restore your ability to rest through the night.